Flash fiction: “Burglary”

He cracked open the window from the outside using his knife and entered the house.

Alex was careful to do this as quietly as he could.

Getting in was always easy, doing it without waking people up was a different story.

He looked around the room he had entered. It was a laundry room, nothing of value there.

The door into what looked like the kitchen was open, and Alex could see that the room was filled with different silverware.

His heart started beating faster. This was a good payday.

He sneaked through the kitchen into the living room, all the time looking around him for other rooms where people might be sleeping.

He couldn’t see much of value other than a couple of paintings that were too large for him to bring.

He looked through a couple of drawers and got lucky by finding a roll of bills. Hundreds.

He wanted to walk upstairs but knew it was risky, the car outside meant the owners where home, he couldn’t risk waking them.

Back in the kitchen he opened his bag and started grabbing all the silverware he could find. He looked through the drawers and found another roll of bills, same thing this time; hundreds.

Having taken what he felt was enough Alex sneaked back into the laundry room and threw the bag out the window.

The sound was loud enough for the people in the house to wake up, and he watched the grass outside light up when the lights in the upstairs bedroom where turned on.

He didn’t care; this was a good burglary, he was already done.

Alex jumped through the window and made a run for it. He got away safely, back at home he looked through his booty.

Three thousand in cash and lots of silverware, he wouldn’t have to work for a while.

Alex jumped around his apartment, elated that his luck had finally turned.

Morning came, and there was a knock on his door. Alex wasn’t expecting anyone, and it surprised him.

He was still in bed wearing only his underwear, but he decided not to put anything on when he answered the door.

”Who’s there,” He asked at the same time he unlocked the door.

”The police,” Someone said on the other side.

”Yeah right, funny guy,” He said back opening the door.

On the other side stood a detective who told him that he was under arrest for burglary.

Alex had managed to drop his glasses inside the house the night before, and they had led the police straight to him.

”Maybe you should get better eyesight if you’re gonna keep doing what you’re doing,” The detective said.

”Funny guy,” Alex said back.

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