Flash fiction: Going well (The bar #17)

A week had passed since Andrew and Paul took over the bar.

It had gone well so far. Paul was working alongside the bartender which gave people their drinks quicker.

Most people liked this.

Andrew didn’t work. He didn’t want to work there.

Jean had come over and congratulated them both. James and the other regulars had lasted a few days before they came back to the bar.

Neither of the where very happy that Andrew and Paul had bought it, mostly because it was their money which they had used to buy it.

They all said that they were never going back, But soon realized this was the only bar in town.

Andrew was happy. He felt like this plan of Paul’s wasn’t going to collapse the way every other plan had in the past.

The only one that wasn’t very happy with the whole thing was the bartender. Even though he now could take a few nights off every week, he wasn’t the same person since the bar was sold.

Andrew guessed because he now wasn’t the only one calling the shots in there.

Andrew and Paul now had the last say in who had enough to drink and who had to pay for their drinks.

Andrew sat in his usual spot and watched as Paul made drink after drink and served them.

He watched as the bartender made his drinks and gave them to others.

Neither of them spoke. Andrew knew the bartender didn’t want Paul there. He had first noticed that because the bartender, who otherwise always talked, hadn’t said a word to Paul.

Andrew began thinking that this might not be going as well as he thought.

This plan might collapse as well.

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