Flash fiction: “The house on the hill”

The little house on the top of the hill was always a place for teenagers who wanted to be alone. Most times they were there partying until the police arrived and told them to leave.

Other times they went there to scare the younger kids.

According to legend, the house was haunted. Some man had lived there when the house had burned down many years ago.

Once the house had been rebuilt, the stories about haunting started.

None believed the people who had lived there but eventually the house was abandoned.

A group of kids where heading there this night. They wanted to see the place all the older kids always talked about.

They stood outside, a little scared to walk inside.

”Come on, let’s go,” Alex said to the others.

”You first,” Ashley said.

Alex started walking towards the door.

”Alex, don’t,” Elizabeth said.

”You scared, Lizzie?” Jacob asked her.

”I’m not,” She said without any conviction.

Alex opened the door and peeked inside. The place looked just like haunted houses did in the movies.

”Come on,” He said and walked inside.

The others stood outside for another minute before following.

When they entered the house the came straight into a living room, still furnished. The last owners didn’t bother taking their furniture when they left.

”Alex?” Elizabeth asked, ”Where are you?”

”Cool,” Jacob said.

A knock, loud made them all jump.

”It’s not funny Alex!” Ashley screamed

”It kinda is,” Jacob said.

”Alex, stop this and come out,” Elizabeth said.

Another knock made the group jump again. This time Alex came out from under the stairs, laughing because he had seen their reaction.

”You guys are so easily scared.”

”Don’t be like that Alex” Ashley said

Alex was still laughing when the others in the group started backing away from him.

”What?” He asked.

”Be…behind you” Jacob pointed.

Alex turned around and saw the man standing behind him. A massive, pale man.

Jacob, Ashley, and Elizabeth turned and ran.

”Alex come on!” They shouted.

Alex tried running, but the man held him down. He tried to scream but couldn’t.

He saw his friends run out the door and he was left all alone

The man holding him laughed.

The group ran down to the police station and started screaming for help.

None believed them.

None cared about what they had to say. The police had been through this way too many times.

None came to help Alex.

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