Flash fiction: Getting cash (The bar #15)

”What was he going to do?” Andrew asked himself. It had been a week since he and Paul agreed to buy the bar and Paul were on him about coming up with his part of the cash.

They had talked to the owner and got told that he would gladly sell the place. Forty thousand dollars and place were theirs.

They had agreed to pay it fifty-fifty. Paul had already come up with his part of the money, but Andrew didn’t have twenty thousand just laying around.

He needed to get the money. Fast.

He’d thought about every alternative, but each one seemed worse than the last. Finally, he had come up with the idea that he would win it from the other regulars during their weekly poker game. The first game of the month was the one with the most money. Everyone was hoping to double their monthly salary.

Almost none did.

There was going to be well over twenty thousand there.

Andrew sat down at the table, much to the surprise of everyone there.

He didn’t join in on their conversation. He wanted nothing to do with them. But he played.

He was good. His father had been a gambler a long time ago and had thought him all the tricks.

It didn’t take long for him to gather the amount that he needed.

When he left the table, twenty-one thousand in his hands, most of the regulars objected and told him that he couldn’t just leave this early.

Andrew didn’t care. He kept walking towards the bar.

James came after him. He was angry. Like he always was when the game didn’t go his way. The mood in the place got more and more threatening until Andrew felt it was time for him to leave.

He told them that he won the money fair and square and that they would have to live with it.

Paul, who had arrived just minutes before backed him up.

Nothing happened. None backed off.

It wasn’t until the bartender stood behind Andrew and told them to back off that James and the others did. Everyone respected the bartender. He was, after all, the one giving them their drinks.

Andrew and Paul left and went over to Paul’s place. He didn’t feel too good about staying the night at the bar.

”I got the money,” Andrew said.

”I guessed as much” Paul poured them both a drink ”Let’s do this,” He said and handed Andrew a glass.

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