Flash fiction: Another night (The bar #13)

Jean walked into the bar and saw that Andrew and Paul were already there.

They had been talking the day before, about what she didn’t know.

She figured it was something private because Paul had sat down with her and James after and didn’t want to say anything about it.

She thought it was another plan that Paul had come up with.

She knew Andrew always got pulled into Paul’s plans.

She sat down next to James and some of the other regulars who were playing their weekly poker game.

She didn’t want to join in. She didn’t want to gamble away what little money she had saved up.

Jean needed every cent to care for her sick mother.

She didn’t order anything to drink. She rarely drank anything.

But she joined in on the conversation going on.

It was nice to talk to someone that wasn’t a doctor or a nurse.

These people didn’t care about her problems, all they cared about was how much they could spend on alcohol and poker and still survive the month.

She liked this crowd.

Paul walked over to them and sat down. He didn’t join in on the poker game either.

She looked over at the bar and saw that Andrew had left. That was why Paul had come over. He always needed someone to listen.

The poker game ended as it always did. James lost most of his money and went on a rampage in the bar.

He flipped the table and threw his glass into the wall, threatening everyone in the bar until the bartender walked over and made him leave.

The bartender gave James a beer and followed him out the door. Yelling for him to bring the glass back tomorrow.

The bartender knew James would be back tomorrow. James, like most people who were there that night, always came back.

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