Paul’s plan (The bar #12)

Andrew sat in the bar, waiting for Paul to arrive.

Paul had called him earlier that day and said they needed to talk.

Andrew guessed he wanted something from him. Paul always had something new he wanted to do. And Andrew was always pulled into his plans

He sat there talking to the bartender, just killing time until Paul would arrive.

James was sitting on the other side of the bar, talking to Jean.

The two of them seemed to have hit it off despite James outburst earlier in the month.

Shortly after nine Paul walked through the door and removed his thick winter clothing which covered most of his body and almost his whole face.

He walked up to Andrew with a big smile on his face.

”What’s up,” Andrew asked.

”I have the greatest idea ever” Paul sounded almost too excited.

It wasn’t going to be a good idea.

”What is it?”

”You know this place” Paul motioned around the bar with his hands. ”This bar, where you and I spend most of our free time.”

Andrew laughter a little at that. ”Most of our free time,” he thought. Andrew was there all the time.

”Yes…” Andrew began to understand what Paul was going to suggest.

”I think you and I should buy it.”

Andrew just looked at his friend with disbelief in his eyes.

”Why would we do that?”

The bartender stood still at the other end of the bar. To most, it would look as if he didn’t listen, but the bartender heard everything.

”Because it would be a good investment. Think about it, you and I would be the proud owners of a bar. The most popular bar in town at that.”

”The only bar in town,” Andrew said under his breath.

”So what do you say?” Paul asked. He almost couldn’t hide his excitement.

Andrew didn’t want to say anything. He didn’t want to see his friend get hurt.

”I’ll think about it.”

Paul left, almost jumping away towards where James and Jean sat.

The bartender walked over to Andrew.

”Don’t do it.” He said and poured Andrew another drink.

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