What you put out

He sat in his living room. Alone, drinking.

Like he always did on Saturdays.

None was coming over tonight. For once his two-room apartment was empty.

James liked being alone, he liked drinking alone.

It gave him time to think about all the things which he had achieved.

The good and the bad.

Mostly good.

Outside the storm was raging and he could hear the wood creaking from the wind and the rain hitting the windows.

It was a peaceful sound. Something he could get used to.

Saturdays were the only days that James didn’t work.

His work was his life.

Once he had wanted a family, once he wanted to be happy.

He had given up on that though long ago. Now all he wanted was his name in the papers.

He had stepped over a lot of people for it to be that way.

A loud sound brought James out of his daydreaming.

He laughed at himself for getting scared by the storm. None would walk outside on a night like this.

Or so he thought.

Another sound made him think that it was something other than the storm that had made the sound.

He stood and looked around the whole apartment.

None was in his living room, they couldn’t be, so he walked towards the bedroom.

Standing outside he could see the window open. Had he forgotten to close it? No, he couldn’t have, he would have heard something earlier.

His heart was beating faster, someone was in his home.

He ran over to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife he could find.

He turned around and looked around the living room once more.

None was there.

He walked over to the bedroom door and peeked inside.

It was too dark for him to see anything so he opened the door enough for him to reach the light switch.

With the knife clutched hard in one hand, he stepped into the now lit room.

His heart was beating out of his chest and he could feel sweat forming on his forehead.

There was none there.

He looked around the entire room, even the closet but there was nothing.

He closed the window.

He let out a long breath that he didn’t notice he had been holding and turned around to walk back into the living room.

None was there.

He sat down in his chair with the knife next to him on the table.

As he leaned back and closed his eyes he felt something cold being pressed against his throat.

He opened his eyes and tried to reach for the knife but it was too late.

All he heard before everything went black was ”you had this coming you evil bastard!”

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