Hangover (The bar #11)

Andrew woke feeling like shit. He always felt like that when he woke up.

His hangovers seemed to be getting worse over the years and at this point they had become truly horrible.

But he figured that was something which he had to live with. Alcohol was his friend. And a good one at that.

He crawled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to have a shower.

He stood under the hot water for a long time, long enough for the skin on his fingers to start to shrivel up. Then he got out and tried to find some clean clothes.

It was hard to do in his messy room.

His head felt like it was going to explode and his stomach growled because he hadn’t eaten anything for almost a day.

He knew he couldn’t go on living like this, one day his body would give up but Andrew didn’t care. There wasn’t anything else for him to do. Nothing out there in the world was better than what he had right here. In the bar which he spent his entire life.

He managed to find a clean shirt and put on the same jeans he had been wearing for the past two months, his only pair of jeans.

Then he found a pair of socks that were clean enough. There were holes in them but he figured none would see that.

Once dressed he straightened his back and walked towards the stairs which led down to the main room of the bar.

The bartender was already there, and so was Paul.

They were talking over by the counter.

Andrew said good morning and they gave him a funny look.

He didn’t care and walked past them into the kitchen to get something which would calm his growling stomach.

He brought the food out to the counter and sat down by his usual spot and the bartender put a pint of beer in front of him.

Andrew smiled.

Finally, his headache would go away.

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