Fear of the dark

It was dark, too dark to see anything other than the shadows of people passing on the other side of the street.

Alex was walking home from a new years party.

He was a little drunk but figured it wasn’t far enough to justify getting a cab.

He turned a corner and was met by a couple walking the other direction.

Neither of them said anything, they did their best not to look at each other.

Alex walked a little further down the street then looked over his shoulder, an anxious tick that he had developed as a child.

It didn’t do much because of the overwhelming darkness. He couldn’t even see the couple he had passed just seconds ago.

Suddenly he felt nervous. The dark had never bothered him before but this type of darkness was something else. It felt almost surreal that he could not see more than a couple of feet in any direction.

He could hear footsteps approaching, and he felt nervous again. Even more than before.

Two sets of steps, he thought listening, trying to figure out where they were coming from.

From behind him.

He turned around but there was nothing.

The steps had vanished.

The nervous feeling grew stronger and stronger and Alex wanted nothing more than to run the last couple of blocks until he reached his apartment.

That would be too dangerous in the pitch black.

He began walking again. And soon he heard the steps coming from behind him.

They were getting closer and closer so Alex picked up his speed and was almost running by the time he reached the building he lived in.

He walked up to the doorway and looked back just in time to see a knife being plunged into his chest by a man. And a female standing next to him, smiling.

Two people, he had seen before, two people he had passed just minutes ago in the pitch black darkness.


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