Jamie was walking the trail into the mountains together with his two best friends.

The three had known each other since kindergarten and all grew up in the small town just below the mountain.

He had gotten a call from them earlier that day saying that they needed to show him something and told him to get his hiking gear.

He had happily gotten out of bed.

He loved hiking, it allowed him to think about something other than what would happen if the three of them ever got caught.

As they were walking the trail they came to a part that was to narrow for them to walk in any other way than in a straight line.

Jamie got in the middle of his two friends.

In the distance, he watched the sun. It was going to be dark in a couple of hours and they would have to turn back soon.

He asked where they were going but got no real answer other than ”just wait and see” and ”don’t worry it will be worth it.”

Another hour passed and Jamie was getting worried that they were planning on camping out there. He hadn’t brought anything to make camp with, much less any food other than a snack.

John, the man walking in front stopped and looked out over the mountain.

They had reached a cliff, from where they could see the entire valley.

”Is this what you wanted to show me?” Jamie asked he had been here many times before.

”No.” John answered, ”This is where we wanted to kill you.”

Jamie didn’t even have time to register what John had said before his other friend pushed him over the edge of the cliff.

He fell silently to his death.



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