Paul to the rescue (The bar #8)

The glass hit the wall and broke into a million pieces that the bartender would have to pick up later.

Andrew sat in his usual spot by the counter and looked on as James, one of the regulars, went berzerk.

He and a couple of other guys had their weekly poker tournament and he had just lost all of his drinking money for the week.

The man was beyond angry.

The bartender just shook his head and looked the other way. He was used to these kinds of things.

Jean was horrified, scared even, and had come running over to where Andrew and Paul were sitting.

She told them to do something.

Andrew didn’t care.

This type of thing happened almost every week.

Paul, on the other hand, wanted to get back into Jean’s good graces and happily walked over and tried to talk to James.

The two had been drinking buddies for a long time before Paul moved away. But even so, James seemed to get more and angrier the more he glasses he broke and tables he flipped.

A group of teenagers where laughing in one of the corners.

Andrew looked on as Paul tried to get the man to calm down.

Both he and the bartender were stunned that Paul, the man who had done his fair share of damage to the bar, tried to stop someone else from doing the same thing.

Andrew thought that maybe people could change.

Though it took them long enough.

It took another ten minutes before James stormed out of the bar and Paul returned to his spot with a fresh black eye.

The bartender put another glass down in front of him and told him that it was on the house.

Jean thanked Paul for what he did by giving him a hug before she left.

Andrew watched Paul’s face lit up as he was happy that Jean was no longer pissed at him.


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