A good night (The bar #6)

The bar was full. It was rare for the place to be packed this late in the month.

Andrew sat at his usual stop and tried to figure out why everyone had gathered there today.

So far he thought it was because of the end of the year bonuses had been given out at the local factory.

This seemed like the most plausible theory. Everyone in there looked like factory workers.

Paul agreed, but they still listened to the conversations hoping to overhear some gossip of what’s going on in town.

Neither of them cared much but both of them thought it was nice to know what was going on, and who was doing what.

Andrew had been glad when Paul told him that he was moving back to town.

He now had three people to talk to.

Paul, Jean, and the bartender.

Paul was the only one available this night.

The bartender had his hands full trying to keep up with the orders coming in and seemed to be in no mood for talking whenever he had the time so Andrew kept himself from saying anything.

Paul, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to catch up to what had been going on for the past year when he had been out of town.

It was a good night Andrew thought. A night full of life and laughter.

The bar looked once more like the place he had first entered when he turned eighteen and was old enough to drink.

Paul had been there that night.

Jean had come later and met up with them.

The only one that wasn’t there was the bartender, he had not yet moved to town back then.

Tonight was a good night.

Andrew and Paul thought so at least. Some of the regulars had failed to get their usual tables and had stormed out of the place cursing.

None had cared, none gave two fucks about the regulars who spent their lives in the bar. None cared except the people themselves who loved the bar and the people there.

Andrew and Paul sat there, quietly drinking in between heated arguments that always ended in laughter.

It was a good night.


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