A new arrival (The bar #5)

The bartender was standing behind the counter, waiting for someone to order.

Andrew was there, talking to him like he always did.

Jean was there too. She was sitting next to Andrew but the two did not speak.

The bartender didn’t know why they never spoke when they sat next to each other. They just sat there, drinking without saying a word.

Jean had asked him earlier in the day why Andrew never sat with the other regulars. Why he always sat over by the counter. Rarely talking and when he did it was only with him.

The bartender didn’t know what he could tell her. There was no reason for it. Andrew just didn’t like people it seemed. A shame he thought, the man could be quite nice to be around.

The bar was quiet tonight. Very few people had ventured through the storm and those who did want food instead of drink.

The bartender hated when people ordered food.

Andrew and Jean were the only ones with enough sense not to order anything to eat.

That’s why he liked them so much.

Around ten the door opened and a gust of wind ripped through the entire bar, chilling every person in there to the bone.

A man stepped through the door.

He was tall, but the bartender couldn’t make anything else out under all the thick clothing he was wearing.

Once the man had taken off all of his clothes he saw who it was.

Andrew saw it too and there was a little smile which came across his lips.

The bartender couldn’t believe that man was back. Why would he come back there after all he did the last couple of times.

Probably because he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

”Paul,” The bartender said, and the whole place got quiet. ”What brings you back here?” He tried to sound nice.

”Nothing much, just passing through town and thought I would stop by.”

”Well as long as you can pay for yourself then that’s ok.” The bartender locked his eyes on the man ”But if you break anything I will ban you ok? This is your last chance”

Paul nodded in agreement and took a seat next to Andrew.

The two men greeted each other. Both happy to have someone they knew there.

Jean looked at them and the bartender could see that she was worried.

Something must have happened between the three of them.

But when he thought. Jean had just returned and Paul hadn’t been to town for the past year.

When would they have all met?

He decided that he would have to ask Jean. She was the one he trusted not to tell anyone.


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