A perfect night (The bar #3)

The bar was calm, as it was most Tuesday nights.

Andrew was there and so was the other few regulars.

Some people who were in town for visits had found their way into the only bar in town and were enjoying themselves.

Andrew sat chatting with the bartender for a while.

He was waiting for someone.

Jean, his old classmate was moving back to town to care for her sick mother. He didn’t want to lie and say that he wasn’t happy that someone his own age was moving back. Everyone else had left right after school.

The bartender asked if they wanted to order food.

Andrew declined, much to the joy of the bartender.

He would have to fire up the kitchen should they want something.

Jean stepped through the door sometime after eight. Andrew had already been there since three and was feeling a little uneven on his feet when he stood to greet her.

They sat down in one of the booths and Andrew asked her about her mother.

She was happy to talk.

Andrew guessed she, like him, didn’t have many people who listened to them in town.

He was lucky that the bartender seemed to be in the same situation, or maybe he just talked to Andrew because he kept buying drinks.

Soon they were back talking like they did during school. It was as if the past fifteen years had never happened and they were fresh out of high school.

Andrew enjoyed it. He loved reminiscing about old memories.

Jean seemed to be enjoying herself as well because at the end of the night she thanked him before stumbling off into the night to get back to her reality of taking care of a mother that would never recover.

Andrew thought about having another drink and sit with the bartender for a little while longer but he felt too good. Instead, he decided to go for a walk.

It was a beautiful starry night and Andrew felt that everything was right in the world.


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