Gun store robbery

How could I even do such a thing? How could I be stupid enough to agree to something which so clearly was never going to work?

I mean how could we even have thought that robbing a gun store would be a good idea?

Well, we thought there would be lots of cash.

We had the entire thing planned out. We sat in his living room and went through the last of the details.

We would do it the next day. On the final day before the owner took all the cash to the bank. The place would be flush.

We sat in a stolen car outside the store and waited for some customers to leave. Had we thought it through we might have realized that the place wouldn’t be calm all weekend.

Why would a gun store have a sale?

Stupidly we didn’t leave to come back another day. Instead, we decided not to wait any longer and at around lunch time, we went in.

With our guns drawn, we ran through the door and shouted for everyone to get down on the floor.

None dropped.

Instead, every single person in there drew a weapon of their own. The owner even produced an assault rifle from under the counter.

I instantly dropped my gun and put my hands in the air.

My partner did not. He kept telling them to put their guns down.

I don’t know if he knew what he was even doing at this point.

Finally, the owner had enough of his shouting and promptly shot him once in the leg and once in the arm which held the gun.

He fell to the ground screaming.

That’s the story of how I managed to find myself inside a prison cell.

Why am I here? Stupidity.


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