Admission of guilt

“What can I say about it? Nothing much I guess, things like this have a tendency to happen to me. I mean how could I know that he was going to put his head right where I was going to put my fist?”

“Sir, you do realize you’ re being charged with assault? This is not a time for jokes.” One of the men in suits opposite the table from me said.

“I know, I’m trying to make I clear that what happened wasn’t my fault.” I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms.

“But sir…”

“No buts, just listen to what I have to say” I interrupted “and you’ll realize I had nothing to do with the fight.”

Everyone in the room looked at me in amazement, none could believe what I was saying. I guess because there was a video of me hitting the guy but I mean that could have been anyone. I didn’t remember doing it, so I guess you can’t blame me for it. It was the alcohol’s fault, not mine.

“I’ll tell the story the way it happened and we can all walk out of here happy, sound good?” Some of the men nodded, others sat still, staring me down with angry eyes.

“Please do” One of them said.

“From what I have been able to piece together he started it all, not me. I was trying to leave when he decided to put his head in front of my fist. I didn’t mean to hurt him, that just kind of happened.”

“That doesn’t excuse you, if anything it’s an admission of guilt”

“No… listen here, I didn’t mean to do anything. It was all his fault, I was trying to leave.”

“The video tells a different story.”

“The video shows that it wasn’t my fault, all I did was ‘accidentally’ hit him.” The men around me sighed and leaned back in their chairs. I thought it looked like they were waiting for someone to say something, anything. None did.

“What!” I was uncomfortable in the silence. The only answer I got was the sound of chairs dragging across the floor as the men in suits stood and left me alone in the room.


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